Leah Leong

Growing up, Leah participated in several athletic activities such as volleyball, softball, cross country, basketball, dancing and her favorite, swimming. She was captain of both the Varsity Swim and Dance Team.

Leah attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing. During college, and for many years after, she never took part in any physical activities whatsoever. Seriously. Nothing. She belonged to a couple globo-gyms but was bored out of her mind, if she even went at all. She was later introduced to CrossFit Excel by her husband (ask her to tell you the story) and was hooked immediately.

Leah likes the technicality of the Olympic lifts but strives for perfect technique and form of the most fundamental movements as well. She loves meeting and coaching others, helping them create and achieve personal goals, motivating members and watching their progress in the gym and in life in general. She is a firm believer that proper technique and form is the root to successful, efficient movement, which transfers over to improving everyday quality of life. She has seen such a change and improvement in her own life that she believes if she can do it, anyone can and should! Leah is also extremely passionate about proper nutrition and clean eating. Her go to phrase is, "You can't out-exercise a bad diet." And lastly, she truly loves the family aspect of the CrossFit Excel community.

CrossFit Level 1
CrosFit Movement and Mobility
USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance