2019 Transformation Challenge

The 2019 Transformation Challenge is a results based challenge for everyone at Excel Health and Fitness!  It is for anyone who wants to improve, challenge, and transform their bodies into their best self.  

Individual Prizes

1st place - $250 CASH

plus free shirt, jump rope, wrist wraps,

Excel protein & shaker bottle

2nd place - $25

Individual Details

  • Winner chosen based on Before/After photos

  • Great for challengers who want to change their bodies, but maybe not JUST by losing weight. Example - muscle gain, toning and tightening things up.

  • Great for someone who is lean and may not have a bunch of weight to lose, but wants to get to the next level

Team Prizes

1st place - $300 CASH

plus free shirt, jump rope, wrist wraps,

Excel protein & shaker bottle

for each team member!

Team Details

  • Win by Total Lost - pounds plus inches of all team members combined.

  • Great for challengers who want to lose weight with the accountability of a group.



This 6 week challenge that provides you with everything you need to reach your goals!  There is a built in transformation community, including extra workouts, classes, programming, and nutrition clinics.


What's included

  • 2 Nutrition Clinics

    • First nutrition clinic at the beginning of the challenge to guide you. Includes how to determine what and how much you should be eating.

    • Second nutrition clinic at the 2 week mark. This is a Q and A based clinic to make any tweaks necessary for you to finish off the challenge strong!

  • Specialized Additional Programming

    • 5 Days/Week of extra programming will be provided for all Transformation Challengers. This is extra/accessory work that is specially programmed in addition to your regular classes. Programming available for remote access on exclusive Sugar WOD track, only accessible by Transformation Challengers.

  • Community and Coaching Group

    • Private Facebook group for everyone in the challenge. This group is great for support of each other, and will be moderated by Excel staff to help answer questions and provide additional support.


  • Individual Winners will be chosen by a 3 person panel vote on before/after pictures. These pictures will be kept private (unless approved by individual).

  • Pictures must be taken at same location/same distance/same angles (Front and Side)

  • Before picture must be taken an submitted via email to leah@crossfitexcel.com within 5 days of Challenge start date

  • Must enter the Transformation Challenge for a chance to win, and access to "what's included"

  • Teams must be weighed and measured (3 site measuring) by Excel staff within 5 days of start, and 5 days of ending.


*****Limited spots available for challenge*****