Yoga Class Descriptions

Yin Recovery – In this Yin Yoga class we will find the use of props to hold poses for many breaths, sometimes up to 3-5 minutes. Yin Yoga seeks to strengthen and lengthen the connective tissues inside the body to promote recovery and prevent injury.

Vinyasa Flow – Vinyasa Flow gets its name from how smooth the poses run together. This class is a faster paced class where each movement is synchronized to a breath. Sometimes holding poses just long enough to check in on alignment and deepen into a pose. This class will work up a sweat.

Yin Stretch & Recover – Just like Yin Yoga, this class will be a relaxing atmosphere that will focus on holding poses for longer and deeper. We will find a little more movement in this class than in traditional Yin classes, but still taking enough time to check in, adjust, and recover.

Stretch & Flow – In this class we take our time to pause and feel, adjust and observe in each pose, finding the perfect balance of alignment and flow. This class will strengthen flexibility, balance, and calm the mind. This is a great class for beginners as well as seasoned yogis.

Vinyasa Heated Flow – While this class is similar to our Vinyasa Flow classes where we find each breath is paired with a movement; in this class we add heat and carefully created playlists designed to get you out of your head and into your body, soul and spirit. Although all are welcome, the pace of this class is quick and dynamic as we transition in and out of poses. Join us in this class as we raise the temperature, literally. Heat is set between 85-90 degrees. Please bring a towel and water and leave your ego at the door as we tune into our bodies and allow them to tell us what comes next. 

Vinyasa Deep Flow – Like our Vinyasa Flow classes, in this Deep Flow class we will move quickly from one pose to the next bringing focus to our breath. We will take some time in each pose to find balance and bring awareness to our bodies. This class is great for toning, strengthening, and unwinding.

Candlelight Slow Burn – Candlelight has a way of encouraging us to slow down and reflect on the beautiful things in life. Combining candlelight and yoga only ups the opportunity to do so. In this Vinyasa class we stay a little longer in each pose and transition slowly through the flow. The slowing down encourages us to stay in our bodies and out of our minds and gives us time to reflect and create silence. In essence it’s healing, like all yoga classes, only with a little less light.

Candlelight Rest & Relax – In this class we will use candlelight and props to create a relaxing environment that will help us find rest for our mind, body, and soul. This class is beneficial to those that want to relieve stress and anxiety, as well as those that want to recover from more intense work outs.