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MOVE has a mission to help you move well now, and for years to come. 

Moving well matters

Teaching our bodies efficient and fundamental movement is essential for everyday life and athletic performance.  MOVE offers MOVEMENT ASSESSMENTS and MOVEMENT TRAINING to help teach individuals how to improve health, improve performance, and prevent injury in sport, work, and daily activities.  We also offer individualized, quality, 1-ON-1 PHYSICAL THERAPY sessions with focus on a whole body functional approach, advanced techniques, and corrective exercise to help you meet your goals and get you back to the activities you love.


About Move physical therapy


Jessica Sonke is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who has a passion for bridging the gap between the fitness and rehab worlds. She has been in physical therapy for over 12 years and is SFMA, FMS, and IASTM certified.  She has also obtained specific education in functional movement, exercise science, postural restoration, neuromuscular re-education, hands-on manual therapy, taping, and vestibular disorders. She believes in preventing injury, providing individualized quality care that treats the cause (not just the symptoms) of problems, and helping people move better and feel better so they can keep doing their favorite activities.

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