CrossFit Classes

Unlimited Access

18 Month Commitment


Unlimited Access

12 Month Commitment


Unlimited Access

6 Month Commitment




The elements program includes 5 one-on-one sessions AND 2 weeks of group classes.  

Our number one goal is the improve the life and health of our clients.  Because of this, all new members who have not previously been members of another CrossFit gym need to take our elements program.   

Personal Training

Contact us for rates.  Rates vary by coach.

CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Teens

2x/week - $95

3x/week - $125

CrossFit Kids (6-12)

2x/week - $85

Teens Elements


The teens elements consist of 2, one-on-one sessions.  These sessions are geared towards proper movement and safety, along with getting the teen comfortable in the facility.  

There is no elements necessary for CrossFit Kids, as the movements are taught in detail each class due to relatively low proprioception levels at that age.


Class - $20

Open Gym - $15

Open Gym Access

Contact for Rates

Open gym access is a plan available for experienced CrossFitters, weightlifters, or powerlifters who follow their own program and do not desire coaching.  Includes access to gym and equipment anytime during open hours.  Anyone on this plan must be cleared as proficient in movements.


We offer 10% off for families.  Must be 2 or more people living in the same household, and being charged on the same account.